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hi is my story.. I picked up a 86 trx350 last weekend. For the sum price of 200.oo..i thought is was a great deal. Its all there. From what I glanced over. Needs rear fenders, they are there. Just busted up. Muffler,, it will need a starter clutch. not a big deal..i also noticed the cover for the starter gears wasn't on flush..i poked at it for a few minutes every thing is there. no obstructions. Still wont go on flush. The gal I got it from said its all there a diferance in lengths in the shafts from 86 to 87 ? also your typical stuff..brake cables are frozen...I will start to strip it down and power wash and strip down more... any info on the starter thing would help..i will try to post pic soon... me and computers don't get along....

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Welcome to the forums!

There are a lot of differences between years and models until 1988... Starter gears and shafts for the 86 are unique. You can use Partzilla as an interchange list by clicking on the part number of interest, then scroll down the page to see which years/models will fit. There are very few parts from the 87 & up TRX350D that will fit an 86 or 87 TRX350... electrical & ignitions are unique for each year (and model) until 88-89.

You can find a copy of the factory service manual HERE.

Almost all OEM parts are obsoleted by Honda, so that leaves you with no other choice except to scrounge for NOS or good used parts. You can find NOS parts on fLeebay sometimes and powersportsnation has good used ones...

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