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Another new dude

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Hey what's up Honda lovers.
Just picked up an 04 olive colored Foreman with 570 miles on it and in VGC.
I have been looking for many moons and looked at many quads in the $2k to $4k
price range. Then I looked at the new Hondas and really didn't like the look of the plastic. I live in upstate NY so everything has some rust on and around the frame on any used quad.
I own a Polaris Ranger crew 500 (meh) and used that for snow plowing but wanted a quad as the crew is too long. This Foreman does it.
Just need to get used to the electric shifting now.:big-grin
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welcome to the site
do a search here on E shift issue's , there is a sticky on it, , it will give you a heads up and some tips to help prevent issue's
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