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Wow, that is a super clean and shiny 350!! Looks like one Shadetree may have gotten his hands on.... Thanks for posting that link, I really like pics of them old girls. Mine will never be that clean, I got the purest red clay on earth here, but maybe it'll get close if the money holds out.

I didn't think to take any "before" pics, but I may have one or two on my phone. Right now the beast is in a gazillion pieces waiting on first shipment of parts (wiring harness, fuse box, battery box etc.) to arrive. Carb kit and starter kit arrived today so the carb is now fresh. Starter may get done in a couple days, then I gotta get some seals, brake shoes and pivot bushings ordered so I can put the front swingarm, steering stem, knuckles and wheel bearing assemblies back in it. Meanwhile, lots of parts yet to get scrubbed clean, repack with grease, and repaint. I'll start a thread in the TRX forum when I got enough of it going back together...

Thanks again for all those purdy girl pics!
start a thread in the DIY/BUILD section please, will tune in !. love these ole gals, that are next to the trx300's as far as running forever !.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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