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Hello everyone. Getting the bike ready for the season, a 2001 Honda Rancher 350 ES 2x4. Pulled it out of the shed, removed all the plastics and began making minor adjustments and fixes to things. Before this began there was no issue with high idle, now when I start it up it idles high and the choke is pretty much unresponsive. When engaging or disengaging the choke it will affect the idle but only momentarily. Listed below is a list of everything done so far. Any recommendations on how to get the idle back to normal are always greatly appreciated.

-all plastics remove, fuel tank removed, and air cleaner housing removed
-adjust the reverse cable that runs from the left-hand control to the bottom of the motor
-adjusted valves from .20 to .06
-changed gear oil in the rear end
-adjusted rear brakes
-removed oil temp switch wire and grounded to the engine block to allow constant use of the fan

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It sounds like your fuel system and carburetor need cleaning, assuming that it still idles too fast with the air cleaner attached. Buy a Shindy carb kit if you tear the carb down and follow the service manual assembly & setup instructions step-by-step. You may need a new OEM choke plunger and a primer plunger for your carb too. The screen on the petcock (inside the tank) is probably rotted away too.

Don't ground that oil temp sensor to keep the fan on, use a manual switch instead if thats what you want.

You can find a copy of the service manual linked here:

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removed oil temp switch wire and grounded to the engine block to allow constant use of the fan..

sounds like a bad idea as retro stated.
choke cable might be stuck, maybe in carb, maybe in cable.
the gas filter in the tank, is underestimated.,
what kind of gas do you run? ethanol gas is a problem gas.
2001 carb, is overdue for a cleanup.
i'm mostly repeating retro.
check your intake to make sure it tight, with no leaks, though i think an intake leak might slow idle down, now that i think about it.
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