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Another Carb question

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Hi Folks,

I have 2003 Honda Rancher 350 ES. It's been running great until after plowing a lot of snow my carb started leaking from the float bowl overflow. (I hope my terms are correct) I didn't have time to fix it myself (I work 48-hour shifts and we received over 3 feet of snow Please don't take my man card) I had Honda rebuild my carb for 220 dollars. YIKES Anyhow, it had to be done. I installed the rebuilt carb and it still leaks.

Any ideas???? I'll return it to Honda but until then.......HELP

Thanks,, Neal
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The 350 Ranchers are terrible about this. Not sure why they do it so much, and the 300's and 400AT's don't have the same problem when they're pretty much the same carb.
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