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Another Carb question

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Hi Folks,

I have 2003 Honda Rancher 350 ES. It's been running great until after plowing a lot of snow my carb started leaking from the float bowl overflow. (I hope my terms are correct) I didn't have time to fix it myself (I work 48-hour shifts and we received over 3 feet of snow Please don't take my man card) I had Honda rebuild my carb for 220 dollars. YIKES Anyhow, it had to be done. I installed the rebuilt carb and it still leaks.

Any ideas???? I'll return it to Honda but until then.......HELP

Thanks,, Neal
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float needle seats are the worst design on all the early trx350 ranchers, this makes them leak all the time.
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Thanks for the response. I live in the Sierra Mountains and I'm about 2 hours from the Honda dealer who repaired the carb. I've ordered a cheap Amazon carb that should be delivered today (doubtful UPS can make deliveries due to road conditions) and I thought that might temporarily get me out of this bind. More snow is coming today. And to add insult to injury the belt on my snowblower went the day after my carb started leaking.

Any thoughts on a fix I can try here at home? I pulled the carb and the float/needle look fine.

Thanks again, Neal
first, you wasted your time and money on that china junk carb from amazon, second, its not the float needle that makes them leak ?..its the float needle brass seat thats pressed down into the carb that gives them trouble. you can take it back to that honda place all you want ?, but in the end ?, its still gonna leak !.
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too try and solve this problem: its a hit or miss, but its worth a shot !. you can try taking a cotton swab, and some carb cleaner pressing down in the brass seat, see it this helps ?, can get a little more drastic, and take a pencil ( with no lead on the end ! ), try spinning it while down in the brass seat. I really can't tell you why or how they leak like they do ?, all I know is..once you get one that leaks like this ?, well..its something that will drive you insane trying to fix it ! not sure where honda got the seats for these carbs ?, but I know they are the worst about leaking !.
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Me again,

All the replaced parts were from Honda and they said the cleaned the carb in their ultrasonic cleaner. The float and needle were replaced by Honda. If it were the brass seat would I expect the fuel to pour out or drip out? I think that's my confusion.

Thanks, Neal
drips or pours..makes no difference !. this is caused by either a bad float needle ( which you said they leaves that out ) drain screw in the bottom of the bowl ?. orrrrrrrrrrr..the brass float needle seat ?. teach ya a quick lesson, if fuel is dripping or pouring, or dribbling out of the nipple on the bottom of the float bowl ?, this is ( in your case from here on out ) the brass seat is bad ?, or..the drain screw is not tight on the bottom of the float bowl ?. all fuel comes out this nipple on the bottom of the float bowl..either from all or one of these problems !.
That clears that up thanks, I think I was hoping there was a difference in pouring or dripping. It must be the seat but on the off chance, it's the drain screw I'll go in the garage and check it.

Thanks ALL
have a great day.
keep us posted !.
Shadetree, Goober and everyone who replied,

I pulled the bowl and gently pushed the float up and blew into the fuel intake. It sealed mostly but had a little blow by. I pulled the float out and the needle used a Q-tip and carb cleaner to clear the seat and reinstalled the needle and float. And ATV purrs like a kitten.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the help. Especially shadtree and goober.

ty, and your more than welcome !. thanks 4 the update too !.
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