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Greetings! New to this forum...1st post.

Looking at getting a SXS. We have a 2003 650 Rincon and a 2004 400 Rancher, plan on selling both and getting a Pioneer...and as usual, I have a real dilemma deciding between the two, 700 or the 1000.

Firstly, cost is (as always) is a huge consideration. The 700-4 and the 1000 EPS are pretty close in $$, and I can get excited about both.

After it's all said and done, here's my biggest question...Is the 700 a DOG?

I have a 650 Rincon and it runs GREAT, I can't imagine that same engine/drivetrain hauling around a dang SXS. Having never driven the 700, what is the real world impression? Dog or not? I don't want to be driving around a glorified lawn tractor...Or am I TOTALLY wrong on this?

On to the 1000 EPS...does it run like my Rincon?? Top speed on the SXS is on par with the Rincon...will it feel performance wise about like a Rincon? Or will it feel like a real sporty SXS??

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