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Get guys. Have a 2004 Rancher 400 in the garage that was stuck in high gear in auto and ESP wouldn't work at all. After pulling codes I got a 6. SO I replaced the angle sensor, and bought a New ECU for a backup. Now per the manual ive got all the OHMs and volts I need to make the ESP work as it should. Problem is,it still don't work. The issue im having is clearing the code and the reason I cant get the code to clear is because it acts as if the ESP motor is in a bind, So I went ahead and replaced that too with no luck. Now what ive come up with is, If I pull the ESP motor out of the case and run through the code clearing process the ESP motor will spin like a wild child. But as soon as you install it and run trough the clearing process you can hear the motor try to initialize the transmission but cant do it. SO my question is, is there something inside the hondamatic that could be in a bind??
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