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Ancla tires on a Rancher 420

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Hi all new here,I traded my 17 Rancher 420 2wd for a 19 Rancher 420 4x4.As most not crazy about the stock tires in the mud.
Looking at Ancla tires anybody use these on there Rancher 420?
A few guys on here recommend staying with stock rims due to unnecessary stress on drive train and other parts plus power loss I plan to leave the bike stock.Do not understand why Honda uses a 12" rim on front and 11" on back.
I am wanting to have 2 sets of tires use the stock tires during the summer then switch to Ancla tires in the winter. Where can I find a set of New oem stock rims?
Tire size is 24/8/12 front and 24/10/11 back.
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What concerns me is why did Honda put 24" tires on the Rancher.There has to be a reason why they did it.I almost went with the Honda Foreman to get the 25" tires but just could not put out anymore money.
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