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Amps and accessories

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I have an 01 250 recon. I want to add an extra light for night driving but really don't understand how much the stator puts out. I have the shop manual but don't understand. Everything is stock on my bike. I got a 6 x 3w led that is 1.42 amps @ 12v. Can it handle that without overloading the electrical? I had wondered about heated grips to but one thing at a time.
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A couple more tips in case you didn't know...
Don't ever use crimp connectors to splice in to the wiring harness. Use matching plugs, solder all wiring additions/alterations and use heat shrink tubing to weatherproof them.

Ideally you'll want to make up a harness of your own when adding electrical accessories, that way you won't be hacking into your harness wires and permanently destroying it. Then you just plug your new accessory into the existing harness plugs... and when/if that accessory ever fails, or you decide to upgrade to something else or put it back to stock, the harness will still be useable and in good condition.

Using crimp connectors of any kind is a temporary (very dumb) hack that will allow corrosion of the copper wiring in your harnesses in very short order, which destroys them such that they cannot ever be repaired by soldering.

Have fun with it...
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