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Amps and accessories

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I have an 01 250 recon. I want to add an extra light for night driving but really don't understand how much the stator puts out. I have the shop manual but don't understand. Everything is stock on my bike. I got a 6 x 3w led that is 1.42 amps @ 12v. Can it handle that without overloading the electrical? I had wondered about heated grips to but one thing at a time.
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It puts put 130 watts at 5000 rpm... I think your stock headlights are 35w each so there's 70 watts...

I added a rigid led light to my handlebars, about identical to what your wanting to add. I have no issues. Also added a tiny amp and speakers. So far all is good.
For the light, I just tied right into the high beam wires. No relay or harness. For the amp I ran wires straight to the battery.
No extra switch. I kept the low beams as is... And added the led pod to the high beam wires, so the stock highs and the led come on. But if you switch to low beam only the stock lows.

Here is a picture of mine mounted to the handle bars. The plastic alone is kinda flimsy, so I made a bracket that attaches to the actual handle bar mount, and comes up the backside of the plastic. And the light mounts through the plastic and the metal. It's very solid now.


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Ok...I think. Lol
Would that imply it should be run on a different wire.
For just a single led pod like mine, you can just tie right into the headlight wiring. That max 1.5 amp extra current isn't going to hurt anything.

No don't ground to the frame, use the headlight ground wire.
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