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Amps and accessories

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I have an 01 250 recon. I want to add an extra light for night driving but really don't understand how much the stator puts out. I have the shop manual but don't understand. Everything is stock on my bike. I got a 6 x 3w led that is 1.42 amps @ 12v. Can it handle that without overloading the electrical? I had wondered about heated grips to but one thing at a time.
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Here's the specs in the manual.


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Ok. So I checked and have 2 x 25w and 5w for the taillight so 55w. I'd be adding 18w then for the led. Bring me to 73 watts. I want sure if it had to do with the wattage or the amperage. Going to put a 2 amp inline fise just to be safe. Did you direct connect to battery or wire into the harness? Find it all a little confusing. Lol
Thanks a bunch for the reply!
Ok. Did you put a seperate switch in? Was thinking of havin a switch so i want annoying anyone if I was riding behind at night.
My highbeams suck anyway. Lol
That looks great. I have a fairing but had thought i should reinforce it. Thanks for all the help. Appreciate it! One last question. When you tied in did you ground onto the frame or just tied into the ground?
Ok...I think. Lol
Would that imply it should be run on a different wire.
Thanks guys. Picked up wiring supplies today and am going at it soon. Appreciate your time and advice!
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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