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Air Filter?

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hi, i recently purchased an 02 rancher es. its got 2000 miles. it has a K&N Airfilter. i was wondering, how to i know when to replace the filter? its king of blackish redish. it look dirty, not mud mut just dirty. how often are you supposed to replace the air filter? thanks
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You can service a K&N filter. Go to your local auto oarts store and buy the service kit. Its around 10 dollars if memory serves me rights. It will service the filter many times.
I service mine after every ride. I ride a sport quad. It has the airbox and lid but I like to keep it clean!
Most air filters are cleanable. THe K&N lets more air in.
I like it because it is rather easy to clean and you can purchase the proper cleaners at any auto parts shop. I hate the sticky foam filters. Messy. I do know they are great filters aswell. Buy a good filter either way.
Cleaning is easier.
I am not sure about change with just filter. With a filter, exhaust, and proper jetting I know it is. I did al mine at the same time. Sorry I could not be of better help.
We do our best!
Sorry! We will try alittle harder. LOL!
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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