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Air filter

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What is a good jet size to go up to on a 300 fourtrax 1990 mod and a 400ex 2000 model both K&N air filters. I had bigger jets in my 400 but when I rebuilt the carb I forgot to get bigger jets and the ones I had are missing.
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I cant belive that I havent got an anser to my question LOL
Thanks Moose You can have your cookies back now.LOL
Im making a custom air snorkel/intake/heat shield/quick release filter/cold air extension system thats close to completion.

The problem I have is with the filter. I need a flat one but smaller then the bmw stock filter. So does it matter if I buy any k&n filter to use regardless of size or shape? Thanks
What are you working on???
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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