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Advise with electrical connectors

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So I have my carb off for rebuild on my 98 450ES and see a number of connectors that I can easily have access to clean. When taken apart they are very dirty inside both sides, what do you do to clean inside the small areas by the pins? I do have contact cleaner but think it needs to be scrubbed to make it right. Also after the cleaning I will fill with white lithium to waterproof them. Eventually will do all of them but doing what I can get to first.
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Contact cleaner and compressed air is what I use, unless corrosion is found. Then I shine pins up with a tiny chunk of scotchbrite pad glued to a stick. Corroded sockets are cleaned with baking soda & warm water then flushed with contact cleaner and air. As Mac said... takes a lot of patience.

Don't use lithium grease in the connectors, it absorbs water and degrades the seal packs. Dielectric grease only.
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There are a few connectors that must be removed from their frame attachment brackets before they will open. Use a small thin bladed screwdriver (or bend a stiff wire and flatten one end with a hammer) to release the clip behind the connector and slide them down to remove. Once removed depress the remaining retainer to separate them.
^^^Same here^^^ I began to use dielectric grease on everything electrical in the late 1960s. Its film strength is way too weak to be an effective insulator. Pay no attention to the old wives tales repeated by those having no experience with it.
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