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Advise with electrical connectors

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So I have my carb off for rebuild on my 98 450ES and see a number of connectors that I can easily have access to clean. When taken apart they are very dirty inside both sides, what do you do to clean inside the small areas by the pins? I do have contact cleaner but think it needs to be scrubbed to make it right. Also after the cleaning I will fill with white lithium to waterproof them. Eventually will do all of them but doing what I can get to first.
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How about swabbing with q-tips to get in the small areas?
Oh used those exact brushes at work a few years ago. Not sure where you get them tho but can't be hard to find. I still think q-tips might work ok also, just have to make sure part of it doesn't get left....
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My bad, instead of lithium grease I meant to say dielectric. I do have a tube of it I bought for this particular reason on the advise of the more learned here. I think the contact cleaner and compressed air sounds like the way to go, have both of those on hand also.

There are going to be a couple connectors I may need advise on how to disconnect when I get there. Most look pretty straight forward but a couple have my head scratching. I will ask at the appropriate time, just want to get my carb back and get running again soon.
When I get there I will post a pic of any connectors I have questions on. I can also look them up in the service manual to find out what they power.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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