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Advice on a used 2013 Rancher

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I'm looking at a used 2013 Rancher 4x4. Pics look new and owner said they barely used it and probably only put 3 tanks of gas through it. If this is the case, then it has spent a lot of time not being used which gives me a little concern since I am under the impression it isn't really good to let these sit for long periods of time. He is asking $5100. What do y'all think? Do my concerns about it sitting too long have merit, and is the price fair?
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Not sure where you are and the market, but here in the Midwest and looking South, Nashville, etc., that would be a crazy high number. I'm well aware of a couple units around the Midwest closer to 4K with low hours, so unless it has plenty of extras or something unique, the price is too high...
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Be patience and start looking on craigslist within a 150 mile radius. I'm confident you will find someone who purchase on an impulse and find a smoking deal, so have money ready to go and make it happen. Personally, I would look at units 2007 and newer as they have fuel injection vs. carbs and I would not touch anything with a snorkel on it as well, again my opinion/preference....
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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