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Adding grease zerks

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One of the few complaints I have about Honda is everything is "sealed" so there's no way to grease things without disassembly.

So, where all have yall added grease zerks to keep things lubricated?

I've drilled holes in my upper A-arms on my 500's, added a zerk so I could put a shot of grease in there every so often. (will try to take and add pics of this soon)

I've added a grease zerk to the rear brake cam like this

I know some guys drill a hole in the top of the rear axle tube out by the hub and fill the tube with grease to keep water out of the diff.

Some even drill holes in the knuckle, and then cut a slot in the outer bearing race, which they line up with the hole, so they can add a zerk to their knuckle and grease wheel bearings often.

When I was working on a Rubicon a couple of weeks ago the rear foot brake was locked up, so I took it off, cleaned it up, and added a zerk. Now it can easily be greased if it starts getting sticky. (pictured)

Anyone have any other ideas, or pics of what they've done?


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That brake cam grease fitting is pretty cool , almost wish I had drum brakes so I could do ------ my rear axle tubes are drill by both hubs and the swing arm tube at the diff side ---I didn't thinkthere was enough metal to do the brake pedal one , how did you pull that off , maybe weld the fitting to the lever ?
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