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Adding Another Honda

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My first ever ATV, and my first red Honda since 2007, but I've had Honda motorcycles for 29 years. Here it is with it's brothers. Unfortunately, I park my truck there so it will have to stay by itself in the shop.

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Fun bikes, all of them!

I know of a guy who buys wrecked VFRs and puts the motors on snowmobiles! He deletes the belt drive on the sleds and machines his own shaft drives for them. His most recent transplants are done with big motors (1200s or bigger maybe? can't remember) & DCT autoshifts. They are wicked fast, even with the long mountain tracks he puts on them. I can only wonder what those would be like on a bike!

Welcome to the forums!
Yep, I'm OK with speed on a sled until 90-95 mph on open roads or in fields, then I'm reminding myself that my reflexes (and my luck!) are not what they used to be! On a bike that threshold is a bit higher, but its always a brief run... I chop it back to a safe cruising speed like a wimp. :)

30 years ago that wasn't ever the case. Those look like fun bikes, wish I could still ride something like that.
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Yeah, northwestern upper peninsula of MI. I'm a hop, skip & a jump from the lake.
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