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Adding Another Honda

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My first ever ATV, and my first red Honda since 2007, but I've had Honda motorcycles for 29 years. Here it is with it's brothers. Unfortunately, I park my truck there so it will have to stay by itself in the shop.

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Yup all nice looking bikes! Is that a honda rubicon ?
It's just a lowly Rancher with E shift. I thought the E shift would be easier on my wife. For the first 20 minutes I kept trying to change gears with my toe and I was kicking myself for spending extra money on the option, but I eventually got used to it. I was also trying to twist the grip to give it gas. :wacko:
Motion Pro makes two twist throttle conversions for your wheeler. I have the same wheeler. I've converted every wheeler I've ever owned to a twist. The 07-13 conversion kit is the same as the 14 -17. Every "bike guy" I know loves the twist. Folks brought up on the thumb don't like it so much. With out prejudice I can say that on long rides the twist is much better than the thumb.
Several here will say "Honda spent good money on developing the safest blah blah blah"......The truth is if I can bounce 30 MPH through whoops and ruts and rocks and ruts and jumps etc. with a twist throttle on a dirt bike then I can ride a wheeler. Oh! one important edit here. Put it in NUETRAL if you get off while running.......otherwise it will run over you when you throw your leg over the seat and use the grips to pull you up! LOL done that!
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