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Added another Honda to the stable...

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Added another Honda to the stable... and it needs a warn 424!

Hello! I picked up a real clean 05 Rancher 350 4X4. Love it so far with our tight trails and slow trail riding with the girlfriend. HOWEVER, with it being all time 4WD we can't turn as sharp as the rest of the crew and end up backing up more often than I'd like to make a corner. It does quite a bit of pushing now. So I'm thinking if I can get the 4X4 disconnected, it would steer quite a bit sharper?? I'd love to find a Warn 424 Select but they are discontinued and almost seem extinct to even find on anybody's shelves. Does anybody know if someone is getting ready to release something new for us all time 4WD people? Or have any leads on a Warn Select?


2005 Honda Rancher 4X4

1989 Honda 250r
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Thanks for the welcome guys. If anybody else has a lead on a warn 424, I'd appreciate a heads up! :wink:
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