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accessory port question??

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I have a 1999 4trax that has the accessory port on the rt bars. The port has wires going into the electrical box on the back side but the front side that you can pull out has a pos and neg wires that are routed to the back of the atv but not pluged in anywhere. The guys I bought from had the wires ending in the storage compartment in the rear but not connected to anything. Do these go to the battery or eleswhere??? cannot find it in a maunual and ATV shops are closed today.. Please let me know where these 2 wires go if anyone can help!! :)
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If I plug in to the pos and neg on battery, and then into accessory port the lights light up on dash panel and headlight work, and starts from starter if not pluged in though it is like the battery is not there, or will it turn the starter over, no lights on dash or anything... Do you think I have agrounding issue??
Please HELP
Right, it is like the flow of elec. is in reverse, those wire were for a spreader attachment i found out. But if I hook them to +- on battery and plug it into accessory port the lights come on and the starter works, but those wire get hot so I know is is wrong... If it is not pluged in then no power off the battery and once kickstarted runs fin.. It is like power is moving in reverse
YEah and I dont want to fry anything,
You got any ideas?? Which Circuit, everythings works perferct when the direct power is in reverse.. Key on position, lights come on neutral light on and headlights work...If disconnected, nothing works until cranked
can anyone help with this one?????
After looking into the wiring diagrams, is it possible for the solenoid to both distribute power throughout the machine, ie.. the lights on dash and headlights... and also distribute the power for the starter... Meaning if the solenoid is bad will it stop power there. Rease is that the soleniod is the only connection for the pos. wire off the battery, then it splits going to starter and Green/red got to rectifier and the yellow and red go to the starter switch.
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