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A new project? Rubicon 4x4

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An early 2000 Rubicon just posted locally for around $500. It runs. Please let me know what I should look for when I go to look at it. It looks like the front driveshaft is removed, why? Seat is bad, maybe some plastic parts. Otherwise it looks ok. Frankenwheeler was in much worse shape.

John in OK
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I bought an 01 Rubicon last year with a blown Hondamatic thinking it would be an easy rebuild like most Honda atvs. Wrong! Didn't do my homework before buying. Hondamatic was more expensive than I expected (even used, plus you don't know what you're getting), and rebuilding it was way beyond my skill level. I thought about parting it out to get my money back but looking on eBay the parts aren't worth much because there are so many being parted out that it has diluted the value. I ended up selling it for what I bought it for to the guy in MN that rebuilds Hondamatic units.

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