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99 Honda 450 es

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I've had this rig for years & very few issues but now I keep blowing the fuse for the lights (have them unhooked now). Still have a short reading. I can electronically shirft but won't read neutral to start up. Can't find any rubbed spots on wires? Thanks
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Thanks folks! Checked all connections & wires running along the frame. They all look good? I'm not an electronics fan so...can the screen or E.S. short out & cause this symptom? Glad I have this site now! Lol
it's posb a bad meter/display can cause shorts ?. I would look over the harness from the light switch to each of the head lights for a bare spot. if you unplugged the headlights, and the fuse doesn't blow any more ?, then you have a bad spot some where between the switch and headlights.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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