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Hey Gang,
We have a few auctions out there for Motoalliance products, including our SIRIUS PRO lights as well as VIPER ELITE and VIPER MIDNIGHT winches. End Tuesday night. Usually get some great discounts.

As a reminder, our SIRIUS PRO lights are IP69k rated for ultimate submersion and compete against RIGID in terms of quality at a fraction of the price in part because we are going direct to consumer. Here's some of the relevant information.

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Auction links can be found here. Enjoy!

SIRIUS Pro LED 2" Cube Spot Driving Light - ATV / UTV Jeep Boat Truck Tractor

SIRIUS Pro LED 2" Cube Flood Driving Light - ATV / UTV Jeep Boat Truck Tractor | eBay

SIRIUS PRO 6" LED Light with wiring harness for ATV/UTV, Truck. IP69k rated! | eBay

SIRIUS Pro 30" LED Light Bar & Wiring Harness for JEEP, POLARIS, CAN-AM, YAMAHA

VIPER ELITE 3000lb ATV/UTV Winch with BLACK AmSteel®-Blue | eBay

VIPER Midnight 3000lb ATV/UTV Winch with 50 feet of BLACK Synthetic Rope | eBay

VIPER Midnight 4500lb ATV/UTV Winch with 50 feet of Steel Cable

VIPER MAX 13000lb 4x4 Truck Off Road Jeep Recovery Winch & Black Synthetic Cable | eBay

Impact Implements ATV Heavy Duty Utility Cart and Cargo Trailer- 1500lb Cap | eBay

IMPACT IMPLEMENTS Pro 5-Piece Agricultural System for ATV, UTV, & Tractors | eBay
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