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where can I find a locknut socket to remove the pinion bearing on a 99 400 foreman 4x4 front drive
I don't know where you could buy one, but you can make one yourself if you have a welder and can weld. Just find a large fitting with an outer hex shape. Cut the hex shaped part off and weld it to the end of an impact socket. I don't know for sure where you can find the right fitting. I already had one laying around. I have no ideal where it even came from or what it went to.

Here is a link I found that shows how to make the tool. They used a large nut instead of a large fitting like I used. Either one will work, but the nut might be easier to find.

ATV Nation - General Tips - Honda Lock Nut Tool

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You might also be interested in this information I found on the High Lifter website. Honda Mechanic posted this:

These are the Honda rear end tools ..
This is the rear end with ring gear removed..
Imageshack - copyofdscn3672os1.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
Pop out the seal..
Imageshack - copyofdscn3674nk8.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
Remove the large retainer nut..
Imageshack - copyofdscn3675ww8.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
Imageshack - copyofdscn3681cs5.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
Using the holder remove the pinion nut ..
Imageshack - copyofdscn3676nz3.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
Imageshack - copyofdscn3677gs3.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
Then pull the pinion ..
Imageshack - copyofdscn3683it9.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
Imageshack - copyofdscn3684eq5.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
The small pinion bearing comes out by working the retainer ring to the hole
and bending the tip up and pulling it out with needle nose plyers or needle
nose vice grips..The hole can be just seen thru the dirt..
Imageshack - copyofdscn3686el7.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
Imageshack - copyofdscn3685fc7.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user
This rear end had All Balls rear end kit installed..
Imageshack - copyofdscn3687gt1.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user

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and if you can't find any..and don't have a welder..a peice of 1 1/2x 1 1/2 square tubbing and a pipe wrench with flat jaws will work just as good.
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