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98 trx300fw electrical problem

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Got a electrical problem that's beyond my skill level. Got a 98 trx300fw that I had Givin to me with a bad CDI BOX. Bought a new OEM box and started the bike. Within seconds it shorted the box out. Expensive couple of seconds. Any thoughts on what problem I might have and if it's even worth messing with.
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Is there any way I can check to see if the voltage regulator is bad?
I bought the box from Rick's Motor sport Electrics. It's for a 98 model for sure.
Ok..Well finally got in touch with the man that gave me the atv. He said the last cdi that was on the bike had done the same thing. He started it and the box shorted out. Said only thing he had done prior was had the starter rebuilt. Turns out it's blown 4 cdi boxes now.
Ok.. I''ll check it all out. Looked over most of the harness already and it hasn't been hacked on. Didn't find any bare wires either. Will tear into the switches and stuff when I get more time. Thank yall for the help.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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