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98 trx300fw electrical problem

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Got a electrical problem that's beyond my skill level. Got a 98 trx300fw that I had Givin to me with a bad CDI BOX. Bought a new OEM box and started the bike. Within seconds it shorted the box out. Expensive couple of seconds. Any thoughts on what problem I might have and if it's even worth messing with.
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first question I would ask , is the CDI box you put in off e-bay or an OEM CDI from Honda , e-bay's china junk is hit or miss and mostly misses ---------- second question is what year did you order for , 98-2000 300 2wd and 4wd are the only atv's that cdi will work on
JD , that sucks , Ricks has been good for me , but I am running it on a 95 -------- ya know I thought I had read where Rick's didn't make anything for the 98-2000 , just went to their site and they show a 98 300 cdi , but mention 350 in the description , SamUK , I think knows about the latest model 300 and the Rick's cdi
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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