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98 FourTrax w/electrical problems

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My wife's bike is a 98 FourTrax 4X4. Recently I started having problems with the charging/starting system. It will start with the kick start. When i cut the key on the neutral light wont illuminate. Once I kick start it the neutral light will flicker. When I turn the headlights on they are fine until I accelerate then they dim ALOT! I am thinking that the battery is not getting good connection and it just running off of the bikes charging system. Anybody got any ideas! Please help!:confused:
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Also you may want to check the regulator and charging system. the biggest problem I have seen with these small batteries is that they do not have the reserve power a larger battery may have and that takes it's toll after about a year or so. check for dry or low cells then trickle charge the battery Motorcycle batteries need to charge slower than conventional batteries.
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