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I'm trying to help my father inlaw fix his 98 Honda 300 4x4 Atv and to give you the full details it started out with his battery not getting charge and having to use kickstarter, then eventually it wont start at all now. Checked spark and no spark. He took to shop they said regulator went bad and wasnt allowing battery to charge, it has new regualtor now still no spark, and all fuses good, killswitch fine, checked plug and coil both fine *worked on 96 Honda 300 Fourtrax*, my thoughts are 1 of 3 things, CDI, Pulse Genreator, or Stator? How do I check these, I ahte to pull side cover off if it ends up being CDI, there is power going to CDI but no signal out to coil when you crank it over. please help, thank you for looking.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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