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98 450 Forman help

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I have a 98 450 Foreman es that wont start. It quit on me as I was riding in my yard. I'm not getting spark at the plug. When I do some times I get spark when I stop cranking the engine.
I have down loaded a manual and it said I should be getting .7volts from the CDI module is this right/ Because my meter reads 7 volts. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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The .7 volts figure is the pulse generator spec I think. A peak voltage adapter is required with a multimeter to measure it though.

If you see a single spark when you release the start button that generally indicates a bad CDI. Do you have a spare CDI that you can plug in to find proof before spending money on one?
First thing I would do is unplug every connector on the bike for inspection, cleaning and dielectric greasing. Dirty & corroded connectors are common issues on those old Foremans. Your bike may be fixed by this important 1st step.

I've attached the IGN specs and tests since you have a PVA already. Testing should go quickly. Make sure you have a neutral light and every part on it is OEM Honda, then do the tests. If everything passes then it probably has a bad CDI.

If there are any aftermarket china parts on it (or non-stock or corroded harnesses) then those will have to be corrected using OEM parts. China parts don't work on Hondas, or any other brand for that matter.

Let us know how it goes for ya...


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I forgot to mention... check the operation and reliability of the kill switch as well. Those sometimes get corroded contacts & harness connectors which cause them to fail intermittently.
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