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'98-'01 Foreman S (TRX450S) electrical repair

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I have a beat up Foreman S that I need to get running. Not sure what year, but its '98-'01. I really just need it to start and run I don't need any of the non essentials like headlights and the multifunction display. As far as I can tell the mechanical components are in good condition and I just need to change out all the fluids/filters, but the electrical is all sorts of cobbled. I have some experience with cars, but never worked on an ATV. The only things that need electricity are the starter, ignition coil, and the alternator, correct? The wiring harness is intact and attached to the frame, but I have no idea where these things plug in. I found some diagrams, but they weren't helpful in finding parts. Seems like there's a ton of little plastic components and wires that I don't need so I'm about to just get a standard fuse box and start cutting to wire all this stuff together if I can't find the OEM parts.

Short version: electrical is all disconnected and mechanical looks okay. If I get a battery, fuse box, solenoid, ignition switch, and regulator, can I just wire this stuff up manually and start driving?

This thing is up on some property that's about a 40 minute hike from the closest place to park so I only have some photos until I go back up there.
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Answer to your question is no way. You don’t know it now but these quads aren’t like an old tractor where the starter is simply used to crank the engine. This machine is a great one if you can get it home and take the time to perform a righteous resurrection

There’s a lot of electrical feedback to the ignition and charging systems–thankfully it’s all analog.

This model may have a pull start on it so it will start and run with a bad or dead battery. But doing so has a tendency to overheat the stator.

So don’t expect to hot wire this machine and ride it home. You be better off to trailer it home and get acquainted with the service manual and an OEM Parts house–links below in my sig block.

Good luck and let us know how it’s going!
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