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I just got a 97 trx 250 Recon. It has 2 toggle switches for the key starter.. I am trying to put a regular universal key starter on it.

There are 4 wires.
Black with white strip

Iam trying to figure out exactly which wire to put in the batt, ground, starter, ignition, acc on the back of the key start.

When it was on the switchs the red went to black and this switch made the lights come on and power.

Then the green went to the black with white strip and this let you push the button to start it when the switch was on.

I was thinking the red and black would go to power and ground
and the green and the black with white strip would go to the start and ignition.

This didnt work. Can any body help ?

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Mud is correct green is ground Black/White is ignition, I would bet red leads to the batt power and black to the starter. trace out the wiring that you have the battery wire you have will go to the Batt. terminal the Bl/W will go to the ignition terminal the black will go to the start terminal and Green to ground. your using an aftermaket key switch so you may run into an issue with the grounding I'm not sure on that without a proper wiring Schematic.

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