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97 fourtrax 300 no power or ignition

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Alright so I just bought this quad. When I bought it I had to replace the ignition switch, so I did. I had yet to buy a battery so I tried to kick start it. The neutral light would light up but I had no spark. I put a battery in it and the solenoid was bad so I just jumped the solenoid and the quad would turn over but still no spark. I ordered a new coil and solenoid, replaced the parts and now I have nothing. No neutral light, nothing happens when I jump the solenoid. I had a spare kill switch panel and installed it as well, this didn't make a difference. Sorry for the lengthiness but I'm tryin to relay all the Info. Thanks for any help.
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Were all of those parts you replaced OEM Honda? Did all of them plug into the existing wiring harness without modification? If any (or all) are aftermarket parts, you may have gotten some useless china garbage that'll need to be replaced with OEM Honda parts.
The only Chinese crap I got was the solenoid. 6 bucks can't beat it. Ok so now I have power back to everything. I found a bunch of free floating wires that had exposed sections. I also found out whoever owned it before had switched the alarm box wires and icm wires. So I wired according to the manual. I still have no spark. What's my first move now?
That 6 bucks spent on china garbage was no bargain... now ya gotta spend again. Here ya go, a used one for 6 bucks is where your bargain is:
powersportsnation - Search Results for "+honda +300 +solenoid"

You got a mess to clean up... Next thing to do is replace the hacked up wiring harness. Partzilla can supply you the part number and interchange list for that harness. Replace anything else that has been hacked on along with the harness. You already know that the CDI is probably fried too, since it was wired wrong.

Enjoy your work and keep a smile on!
The solenoid works though, and I guess the way I phrased my last post was misleading. They didn't cut any wires. The alarm box and cdi both have 4 wire plug and a 2 wire plug. They just had them plugged in wrong, so the wiring harness isn't damaged other than the few grounds that had exposed areas. I spliced those back together using hear shrink butt connectors
The alarm has a 3 wire plug and a 2 wire plug = 5 wires total. The CDI has a 4 wire plug and a 2 wire plug = 6 wires total. They can't be mistakenly swapped... so something is wrong here. Did someone switch the wires in the plugs between the alarm and CDI? If so, that indicates either the wrong part(s), china made part(s), or the harness was swapped or hacked on.

You'll still have to replace that china solenoid... and the wiring harness is still a major suspect. I'd replace them both before going any further.

You said your neutral light works so you are good to go there.

Also, if your CDI was wired up wrong...? You can't expect it to work once everything has been corrected.
Dunno... the wiring diagram (with wire colors) is in the back of the FSM. You can get a copy HERE.
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