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97' 300ex clutch problem

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Hello everyone, i recently got a 97 300ex from a friend for free it was setting for 5 years an before that he had rolled it an bent the handle bar on the clutch lever side. It destroyed the Pertch, lever and start button assembly. I changed the oil new spark plug new coil pulled the carb an cleaned it an got it to run .it idles fine an revs great. The problem I am having is I can shift without pulling the lever over that the cable would be pulling on, it will go into every gear even reverse. I'm not sure what the problem is an do not have much experience with atvs an none at all with one with a clutch like this (just automatics lol) an help would be greatly appreciated.
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I will try to explain by what I know, on a car you press in your clutch then shift then let your clutch out while pressing the accelerator so it doesn't die. On my machine the clutch Pertch is destroyed an hadn't run in a couple years so before I started buying stuff to fix it I wanted to see how much work it would need an if it was worth it. I got it running but while trying the clutch out (by pulling the lever that the cable would pull if the Pertch was working) an then shifting. I did this an it shifts but I can also shift without pulling that lever by hand . Like I said I'm not very knowledgeable about using a clutch on a atv so I'm not sure if this is normal.

Thanks for trying to help I know I'm not describing it very well lol
I had to cut the chain off because it was rusted solid even soaking it in PB for a couple days didn't break it loose lol so I'm not sure it will move but the sprocket does move when i change gears, it free spins in neutral an moves in reverse when i put it there too. I just thought u would have to pull the clutch handle then shift an press in the accelerator while letting out the clutch or it would die like on a car.
Ok thank you for your help I'm glad that so far nothing major has been wrong with the bike and that you were able to answer my ramblings before I tore apart the clutch cover to see what was wrong lol. I guess I need to go ahead an order new handle bars clutch pertch lever cable an chain so I can actually drive it lol. All in all this has been a great find especially for FREE!!! I also wanted to tell you guys this is a great forum I've been able to find a lot of info about the bike an look forward to learning more from yall
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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