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97' 300ex clutch problem

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Hello everyone, i recently got a 97 300ex from a friend for free it was setting for 5 years an before that he had rolled it an bent the handle bar on the clutch lever side. It destroyed the Pertch, lever and start button assembly. I changed the oil new spark plug new coil pulled the carb an cleaned it an got it to run .it idles fine an revs great. The problem I am having is I can shift without pulling the lever over that the cable would be pulling on, it will go into every gear even reverse. I'm not sure what the problem is an do not have much experience with atvs an none at all with one with a clutch like this (just automatics lol) an help would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums!

I don't understand what you are saying about the clutch on your machine? Or is it the shifter that don't work? Can you explain again..?

Does the bike move when you put it in gear, or no...? Maybe SlammedRanger will happen by... he's pretty sharp on these ex's, I'm not...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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