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97' 300ex clutch problem

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Hello everyone, i recently got a 97 300ex from a friend for free it was setting for 5 years an before that he had rolled it an bent the handle bar on the clutch lever side. It destroyed the Pertch, lever and start button assembly. I changed the oil new spark plug new coil pulled the carb an cleaned it an got it to run .it idles fine an revs great. The problem I am having is I can shift without pulling the lever over that the cable would be pulling on, it will go into every gear even reverse. I'm not sure what the problem is an do not have much experience with atvs an none at all with one with a clutch like this (just automatics lol) an help would be greatly appreciated.
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It would if your chain was attatched to the axle. If it has zero drag on the sprocket it will just spin and power shift. But if the chain was there it would transfer the motion down the chain to the axle and be enough to jump and stall. Although a atv shifts nothing like a car. You can actually shift with no clutch. I dont suggest doing it but alot of people do with zero issue. If you tried that on a car it would just grind and clunk and be really bad lol
No problem! Always glad to help! On a side note i learned this when spinning the rear wheels to check the chain alignment one time. If you have all the safetys disabled and can start the quad in gear. If you have the wheels up on a jack stand and try to start it with the clutch out and accidentaly in gear it will start. But it will also throw you off said jack stand and if it wasnt for my quick finger to the kill switch i would have been through the garage door lol. But the sametime i did that was when i found out what your talking about is possible.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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