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'96 TRX 300 4x4 - no power

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A friend of mine has this quad and he's been running the machine with a dead battery for a few months, on occassion. The quad used to charge the battery enough to bring the nuetral light on.

He hooked up a new battery and now there is no power dash lights, no headlights, no electric start.

I jumped the starter solonoid and only got sparks, and the starter didn't crank over with the ignition on.

I looked at the fuses last night and everything seemed ok. I didn't have any tools with me at the time.

He's dropping the machine off at my place today and just curious if anyone can assist.

Things I plan to inspect closely is the bad ground and all wires that lead from battery to ignition switch(s), etc.

My question is, has anyone ever seen the Ignition Control Module fail, and what are the symptoms? I've had modules fail in the past, but not this particular one. It's an expensive part at $200. Any way to test it? I will be checking for power going to it...

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Battery is new (AGM, sealed) and our general tests indicated it held a charge to power a 12V light fine (I wasn't at home with my tools to test voltage).

No obvious corrosion, but I'll be checking again much more thoroughly this evening.

I'm really concerned about the possible ground connection since there is no power at all. Even a battery with some power in it will illuminate the nuetral light.

Thanks for addressing the CDI concerns, much appreciated..

I'll report back on my findings.
Awesome, thank you very much!
This ATV is repaired! I checked everything over, and found the 2 ignition wires were not hot.

Traced it back, and found faulty wires in the battery compartment.

It appears over the past winter the battery in this machine burst and leaked acid all over. I could tell by all the rust formed on the rear axle below the battery compartment.

Acid must have splashed and hit the 2 main ignition wires because both of these wires were broken inside the wire's coating. Something I've never seen before. Wires were extremely corroded on the inside, but seemed fine on the outside, with a very fine cut in the wire's coating. Inspecting the wires it was obvious that there were weak spots where it felt like there was no copper inside. With some minor repairs, it's back to normal.

Thanks for all the help!
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