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95 TRX 300 starter problems

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New starter, new relay still just clicks when you hit the button. With the starter off it spins when you jump it with cables. Then I install starter and it won't even work when I jump it direct from the battery with cables. Not sure what to do next.
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Just rebuilt top end on engine. It kicks over and will start with kick starter. This is the second new starter I've tried both do the same thing. Battery is brand new,
I did get both starter and relay off eBay. It just sparks if you jump the relay
Shadetree that is how mine is wired.
Pretty close. $6 relay and $30 starter. I've used both on other atvs in past with good luck but I know they are just a gamble. Guess I'll get an OEM starter and go from there.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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