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95 TRX 300 starter problems

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New starter, new relay still just clicks when you hit the button. With the starter off it spins when you jump it with cables. Then I install starter and it won't even work when I jump it direct from the battery with cables. Not sure what to do next.
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will the engine kick over , maybe the engine is seized , if not then it could be the stater gears are messed up , do you know about the gears under the cover on the left side cover , or the starter is weak , bad connection , bad battery
did you get the starter or the solenoid off e-bay , I was burned with them before --- what happens if you jump the two big wires on the solenoid
I'd guess $5.00 for the solenoid and $15.99 for the starter ? ------- if so , I wouldn't try another one from e-bay , unless it is OEM Honda , you get what you pay for , I give mixed review on the cheap after market starters , hit or miss , mostly miss ------- had solenoids off e-bay work one time and another one not work once
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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