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So I had so much fun getting my ‘86 350 fourtrax going, I decided to pick up another project.

95 300fw, been parked forever, typical “ran fine when parked” I’m putting a list together for basic maintenance stuff before I put a battery to it and cross my fingers.

The issue I’ve run into is I can only find a shindy carb kit listed for a 300p and not the 300fw.

Any chance they’re the same carb and the kit will work on the 300fw also? I would prefer to stick with the shindy brand if at all possible.

Thanks in advance

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I don’t know why there’s a P designation—even NDDA and Kelly Blue Book use it.
Anyhoo I used the Shindy 03-031 kit; it is labeled as applicable to 93-00 carbs.
It worked great for mine.
It doesn’t include the passage plug, primer pump or starter valve.
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