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94 300ex starter

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whats up people. im new to the board. my 300 ex wouldnt start so i jumped the battery and it started right up . bought a new battery and it still wouldnt start. even with cables this time. its clicking when i hit the start button but nothing i gave the starter a tap with a screwdriver and it fired up. what im asking is... is there a chance its NOT the starter and could be the selinoid instead? wanted some feedback before i buy a new starter..any help would be greatly appreciated . thanks
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Welcome to the forums. More than likely, it's the starter since you tapped on it and it started. The next time it won't start, try jumping the two posts on the solenoid with an old screwdriver. If it don't start, it's definitely the starter. When you jump the two posts on the solenoid, you're just bypassing the internal switch of the solenoid.

BTW, you can buy rebuild kits for the starter if the brushes are just worn out and they're easy to rebuild.
Thanks for answering his question because it helped answer mine. I have the same problem but hitting the starter does nothing. I will try the brushes 1st. Thanks again Carl
Try jumping the two posts on the solenoid. If it doesn't start, it's probably the starter. If it does start, it's probably the solenoid. This is assuming you have a good, fully charged battery and all the connections are clean and tight.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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