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94 300ex starter

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whats up people. im new to the board. my 300 ex wouldnt start so i jumped the battery and it started right up . bought a new battery and it still wouldnt start. even with cables this time. its clicking when i hit the start button but nothing i gave the starter a tap with a screwdriver and it fired up. what im asking is... is there a chance its NOT the starter and could be the selinoid instead? wanted some feedback before i buy a new starter..any help would be greatly appreciated . thanks
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thanks for the feedback. after posting i decided to take it out n mess with it again. tapped it and it started right up. after ridin for a bit i noticed i could shut it down n it would start no problem if the engine is warm. im gonna order a new starter . to many small parts to mess with takin it apart. once again...thanks for feedback
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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