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Hey everybody. I purchased a 300ex that has spark issues. I am not new to working on and fixing atc or older bikes but this has me stumped. I have checked all the electrical components everything checks out. But I do have a question regarding the reverse switch according to the manual when ingaged the switch should be grounded which makes sense to turn on reverse light and etc... but mine is grounded while in neutral and not when reverse is ingaged. The neutral switch works fine. So I assume this would cause the bike not to spark due to thinking it’s in reverse when it’s not. I don’t know if anyone has been on the engine but is there an adjustment or something out of place? Or is it correct and there is something else that’s wrong or I am not doing. I also note that while testing everything and moving the reverse lever I did get it to spark for a brief moment. Also does the clutch lever have to be pulled to start or is that for just starting in gear. Any help is needed and appreciated I am pulling my hair out I usually don’t have this much trouble figuring out electrical issues but this double cdi stuff has me stumped thx
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