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92 Trx250x trouble starting

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Hello. I’ve had my tax sitting around for 5 years. I had it running through the desert and the stator went out. Recently I’ve replaced the stator, the ignition coil, and the Cdi. I have been reading a lot of forums and by jumping the reverse switch and pulling the cable above the right brake pedal tight I was able to get a very strong spark. I still can’t get the machine to run on gas. I use starter fluid and she starts up within a few kicks. I am trying to put the gas tank on and spray starter fluid. It works but is still not running strong and won’t get warmed up. Could this be a carb issue? The idle in my carb is missing so I have to hold the throttle with my thumb. (It used to always run fine like this 5 years ago)
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Welcome to the forums! Lets use your other thread to hopefully, help you solve your problem.
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