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Hopefully someone has a solution for me. This 92 Honda 300Trx Fourtrax will not crank or run properly. It has sat up for years and now owner wants it fixed. I put new spark plug, changed gas with new fresh gas, rebuilt carburetor. I have done all the test I can think: checked spark, valve adjustment, checked timing, checked compression - 180psi, check cam lobes and timing chain and timing chain guides. Even put engine at TDC and put compressed air into the cylinder listening for any leak in valves, no indication of air leaking. Everything checks out to be in proper working order. Unit still will not crank and run properly even when spraying with starting fluid. This thing has got me completely dumb founded. In my mind, if all those test checked out, the unit should crank. I did get it to run but no properly. If I have the choke on all the way with the throttle wide open, it will run but sounds like it is at an idle. It will not Rev up in response to throttle movement and will not run at idle. And not to mention, all the timing marks line up to indicate it is in time. I have checked this 3 different times now thinking i missed something but yet it will still back fire through the intake and exhaust acting like it is out of time. I really do not understand. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am an everyday Polaris Mechanic and have yet to have such a struggle getting a unit to crank properly.
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