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92 honda fourtrax, clunking in front right

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hi i have a 92 honda fourtrax 4x4 its not in the prettiest of shape but its still in good shape, i was riding last weekend through swamps and rough terrain and the fourwheeler was fine when i parked it i went and got it out 2 days later and all of a sudden when i turn there is a clunking/clicking noise coming from the front right side, the clamp came off with the rubber book down at the wheel but the boot was still on i greesed inside it and everything but it didnt help it just keeps clunking, does anyone know where i could start looking at to fix this problem? thanks i appreciate it.
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You're there. It's probably the CV joint. You can get a whole new axle for probably around $100, or you can replace the joint, but it's probably not worth the trouble.
sorry if i sound stupid but what does CV mean? and when you say not worth the trouble do you think i should just keep running it like it is?
what pain meant stead of trying to fix the cv joint..and's a real pain to fix...he meant just buy a whole new cv joint and replace it with the bad one..they just pop right out of the front differental..if you have never done one before..i say just buy a new front right cv joint much easier to do..than try to fix your busted cv joint..and if it's on a certain end of it..they can't be have to replace it a new you about 2 hours of cus't keep running it with the busted one in it..or your going to tear up alot of stuff in that side if you do.
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