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92 Honda Foretrax wont start

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So need some help guys...

Have a 92 Honda Foretrax 300 that has been sitting for awhile (9 months) that I cannot get started for the life of me.

The motor will not fire. I have checked that I am getting spark.

Have taken the air box off and cleaned the carb. The choke cable is broke so I held my hand over the air intake to manually choke it. Also sprayed starting fluid down the plug hole and air intake... nothing!

I noticed when we kick it over we only get one spark, shouldn't we be getting multiple sparks from the plug on a single kick? (the battery is dead so that's why we are kicking it over)

Any help would be appreciated
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well, for one...DO NOT RUN IT WITHOUT A BATTERY EVEN IF YA DO GET IT TO START !. you will burn the stator out !. one spark when you kick it over ?, tells me the c.d.i. is bad. start by putting a new battery back in it, try cranking it over, watch for spark on the plug. any time you spray starting fluid to them, and they won't '' hit '' off that ?, then this is a spark issue ?, or not enough compression issue ?, or timing issue ?. but from what your saying it sparks one time when you kick it over ?, this is a very common problem with a bad c.d.i. :).
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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