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92 Honda 350 fourtrax

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Hoping someone may have an idea about this fourtrax I recently acquired. Got the bike to give to a family member as they have over 100 acres to use it on, but it's turned into a nightmare! Came to me with no spark, and melted wire on the 3 pin plug with yellow wires from stator. I bought a used stator, put it on and it immediately fried a cdi box. Changed the box with another I had, and the bike fired up and ran awesome. Used it for a week and the day before I was going to deliver it, stalled in my driveway. Lost spark.
I immediately figured the old used stator had likely bit the dust, and ordered a brand new one with warranty. Changed it out, and surprise, no spark.
Got a repair manual for the 89 as I believe I read somewhere they are the same (actually believe Shade tree may have posted it in a forum somewhere as he seems to know a tonne about these things) and started diagnostics.
Primary ignition coil ohms out good, as does the spark plug wire and cap, the stator, and pulse generator. Spark plug is brand new, and tried it with another working one as well. Still no go. There is power at the cdi box when ignition is on and kill switch in run, and power goes away when ignition shut off or kill switch moved. Battery at idle is about 12.6V. I have tried multiple cdi boxes with no luck either. I have a brand new Chinese one, as well as 2 OEM which I believe one for sure is fried. They both have got warm and one has certainly melted some of it.
Today just for a try I removed the brand new stator and reinstalled the old one with the Chinese cdi box and got about 3 sparks from the plug at random when cranking, then nothing.
Anybody got any ideas of what to try or test next?
Thx in advance!
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I would inspect the wire harness for cut wires and perform the resistance and continuity tests on all modules.

It’s a little hard to tell if the reg/rec is bad i think the only thing the book says you can do is check for shorts?

Does this quad have a good battery?

Have to be careful with parts swapping—several 88-89 (-93) electrical components are not interchangeable with earlier models. Revolution Research Line system. Aftermarket and used parts sellers often don’t make those distinctions
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