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92 Fourtrax 350

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Hey All.
I just bought a 92 trx350 that went in to gear when it was off, when running you put in gear and it wouldn't move. Changed the clutch basket {old one was wore out and burnt} wet clutch is good. When i put it all back together. I now only have 2 gears and it still wont move. The adjustment srew only moves when the case is off.
Any help would be great, I am about ready to burn it.
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So.. I'd the clutch adjustment screw won't move when the case is ON then something isn't aligned properly or something is damaged or bent.

Do you have a copy of the factory service manual at all? I would advise downloading a copy and double checking everything as you refit the side case.

I've never had the side case off a 350 but I assume it is very similar to a 300. I always tilt 300's when refitting sidecases as it allows easier alignment and keeps linkages centred. Maybe worth a try..?

Are the change clutch plates all seated correctly? Are the location tabs all flush with eachother? Did you dip the clutch plates in oil before fitting?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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